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The first to apologize is the Bravest, The first to forgive is the Strongest and the first to forget is the Happiest!

Forgiveness is the key to Freedom. Forgiveness is a decision to let go of resentment or thoughts of revenge. When someone you really care about hurts you, you start thinking of hurting them as they did. But instead of revenge, you should forgive them because Forgiveness is the quality of a strong person.
Forgiveness can lead to Healthier Relationships, Low blood pressure, No depression, less stress and hostility, lower risk of alcohol and substance abuse.
Forgiveness makes you let go of spite and bitterness and it can make way for compassion, kindness and peace.

It makes you sad when someone you love and care about hurts you, then you become angry and confused. Your mind is full of resentment and spite, you can’t handle yourself at that time…

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Hello, 2014

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How many of you were in bed by 12:02? Come on, say it. This is a safe place.

I feel like I’m getting old. Remember back when we could stay up until 4 am and still have the physical strength to ask everyone “What do you want to do next?!”? Those were good times.

Celebrating the New Year, the MFE way:

New Year 1New Year 2New Year 3

To be fair, I pre-celebrated with some friends. Technically, the countdown was going on somewhere in the world. Plus, nobody wants to start 2014 in traffic. Right? Riiight? Somebody agree with me just to make me feel better.


Everyone’s started bugging me about my resolution this year. I thought long and hard about it, and disassociating myself from people who make New Year’s resolutions is just too much work.

I’m really not much of a resolution kind of person. Is it just me or do you not like…

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Best Friends <3

<img src="; class="size-full" alt="Best Friends

This picture means a lot to me, cause it reminds me of the unending and unconditional talks of me and my best friend when we were together. Today, she’s nothing but a well known stranger to me and I am to her. We are far away from the way we used to be. I never want her back in my life neither she wants. But somehow, I miss being with her and I miss our best friendship, which I can never be having ever again in my life. :’)

“Mistakes Are Supposed To Be Our Teacher’

‘Mistake’ is a word which doesn’t seem to have much terror and horror. It is a quite common and well used word in all ages. Umm, you might have thought of the actual meaning to the word Mistake and you must’ve been successful in finding it out. But, have you ever learned anything from your mistakes? Maybe yes or maybe not? Well well, in my sight Mistakes are our best teachers, they are precisely meant for us to get on the right path. Right path in a way that when we get to make any mistake and if we are willing to learn a bit useful from them, we are getting on an accurate , right track.                                                                                                  Making mistakes is in our blood and no one in this world is as superior that has never been through roughages and who has never made a mistake. It’s pretty natural phenomena which we Human beings posses. Even the most intelligent and the greatest people couldn’t have resisted making minute mistakes. If we ever try to, might we  on some conscious moments but it’s quite impossible to avoid making mistakes all the time. Mistakes are our teachers, we should get full advantage from them. For instance, when we get to make a mistake and then we start to yell and panic, nobody would be there to feel the way we will be feeling. Only, we , our selves are the ones to endure and to understand the exactness of our inner deepness of sorrow. Occasionally, people around us would give us useful advices and try to make us feel okay or at least would help us get through them. But no one except us would be able to get the teachings of our made mistakes. Even if we make a tiny mistake, we should try to get a lesson from it. We should feel happy and should never blame our selves for making a mistakes, and feel proud instead. Mistakes in another meaning are such gestures which often lead to disrespect and blemishes. But in any way , hard or tough, we should take a step up and look up , and let everyone see the proudness and the willingness of the inside us. Believe me, if we even try to do so, nobody can ever succeed in making us feel inferior. Remember readers, “No one can make us feel inferior without our own consent!”. So, From now and onwards we all will learn the best of our mistakes and never repeat them, and if certain mistakes get repeated more often, stay concerned and say to yourself ‘ I will try not to make such mistake again’ and apologize, if relate. As nobody in this world is made perfect. Perfect is one and only the greatest Almighty Allah, and we all are His creations.                                                                                                                                                                        




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Where do you go when skies are gray?

Where do you hide on a rainy day?

Are you deep inside when there is no pain?

On a lonely night, where do you remain?

Do thoughts spin round your head?

Is there a place to hide from dread?

To freedom, I could keep the key.

Scent of love, I smell and see.

For just an instant, if I could wait-

Dreams vacate my mind of late.

I will tell you where I hide-

If you tell me where you abide.

Is it beneath THE GRAY STONE-

Of my mind’s prison, THE UNKNOWN!!!


- Ellie -


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L i e N o t ! Compassion.

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Lie not,lie not,l saw you together .

Lay aside your synthetic crying,

l began to hate deceptive tears ;

how cheap are they,bluntly trying ?

They are running down from eyes ever lying.

Your tears defy reality and the affair denying.

l heard you yearning ,l watched your gazes,

Fixed upon his face piercing his lips with longing.

Your arms were embracing him madly ,

You kindled a burning fire in my chest,

l felt knives tearing to pieces my waist .

My wild thoughts began to blame me ,

For allowing myself to bless your lies ,

Beside condemning my doubting surmise.

Should l say she didn’t care?

Should l remember how may time you did swear?

Don’t be ashamed ,l am not here you to scare.

l am the one who taught you to love ,

l am here not to blame you or to dare,

l am…

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