The Defenders


Brave wombats roam
The earth at night
In their purple
Masks and capes.
You most likely
Have not seen them
As they’re quick
To make escapes.
But should you find
You’re being chased
By wicked men outside,
They will scamper
In the darkness
And trip evil
On its side.
They move quite fast
For stubby legs
To aid in shadowed sun,
But they can
Only do so much
Before they’re
Pooped and done.
So please know how to
Guard yourself,
Get whistles just in case,
For though they’ll try
They could decide
To nap instead of chase.

Note: Wombats can run up to 40 km/h (25 mph) for up to 90 seconds, but they usually have a slow, waddling gait. They also have secret international bases for their covert operations. Waddle waddle.

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